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H.E.S.S. II Telescope Starts Searching the Sky

The primary mirror of the H.E.S.S. II telescope in Namibia is the biggest in the world. Together with a few smaller telescopes it started to days ago to search the sky for high energy sources. These can be detected by gamma rays, that are for example produced by black holes or explosions of stars. A message sent by alien will most probable not be detected.

The goal of this huge experiment is to get a better understanding of the propagation of gamma rays and to learn how they are exactly produced. This is a very important task in science because most of the knowledge we have about the universe we got from hot objects like stars. But gamma rays have such a high energy that they can not be produced by such hot objects. Thus they carry information about the cold (non-thermal) universe from which we now very little.

So let’s hope, that H.E.S.S. II will be a success kid! 😉